Federal court in the US has paid no heed to the ambitious plans of New Jersey to legalise sports betting and simultaneously stalled the efforts of the proponents of legalised betting from other states. The verdict has given an extended lease of life to the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) 1992. After hotly contesting PAPSPA 1992 for over three years, critics of the Act are not prepared to take the current ruling, lying down. Not only are the plans afoot to bring the case before a larger bench, but the optimists in the anti-PAPSPA lobby also are confident that legalised sports betting would see the light of the day sooner than later.

Growing Band of Dissenters

What started as an attempt by New Jersey to partly subvert the 1992 sports betting law by relaxing betting in races and casinos has now gathered full steam in the form of support for legalising sports betting. Notable votaries for formalising sports betting are six states including Texas, Carolina and Indiana. Independent observers and sports pundits too opine that no cause is served in retaining the ban on sports betting when it is an open secret that billions are being traded in the grey markets on sports betting. With technology adding to its part in illegal betting, critics of the ban on sports betting have been loudly voicing their disapproval on the present system which has solely abetted underground activities.

Pros and Cons of Integrity in Sports Being Affected

National Collegiate Athletic Association under whose aegis sports programs are conducted in a vast majority of colleges and universities of the US vehemently feels that legalised betting would hamper the true spirit of sports in colleges and universities and thereby, affect the development of sports and sports culture adversely. NBA has, however, taken a diametrically opposite view to NCAA and voiced its complete support for legalising sports betting. While NFL has not made its view on the subject explicit, American Gaming Association has called for a complete review on the subject.

Skill vs. Chance

Advocates for sports betting have countered the argument of the critics of sports betting who claim that winning wagers in sports is more an act of chance. Advocates presenting the case for legalised betting are vehement that for sports betting to be fruitful, skill is a requisite. They contend that skill based approach alone helps a person to succeed in his wagers. Further, they argue that the course of the sports is never determined by the betting.

The Ramification of the Ruling

Though the ruling of the Federal court is a setback to the plans of New Jersey administrators, it was not something, which was not expected. However, now there are a few more supporters for New Jersey in their attempt to seek sports betting legalised. With voices being raised not only in the US, but also in many other countries to make sports betting a legalised activity, it is by and large being accepted that legalised betting in sports would bring better and bigger revenues to sports.

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