The US state of New Jersey has succeeded in getting a plea admitted in a US federal appeals court for rehearing of a case related to legalisation of sports betting in the state.

As per an announcement by the Third Circuit Appeals the vote for the rehearing plea received backing from a large number of judges ‘en banc’ while the rest vacated in a 2-1 majority. A ruling on 25 August that had favoured sports leagues in the US opposed to the commencing of law-supported sports betting in New Jersey. In an en banc hearing format, instead of only three judges, at least 12 of the 23 judges will be brought to the panel in place of only three. An en banc hearing is a rare situation as it ultimately results in a majority of judges questioning a legal decision already passed by their peers and culminates in rendering the earlier interpretations of judgments void.

Political representatives of the state have welcomed the court’s ruling and stated that this could set the stage for the introduction of legalised sports betting in the state and the accrued revenue, a demand supported and backed by a majority of the state’s denizens. For a few years now, New Jersey has been in the forefront of making attempts to legalise sports betting in the state, but has not been successful in getting the requisite approvals for kick-starting the same. In the endeavour to launch a legalised sports-betting market, the state is facing heavy opposition from major American sports leagues comprising NFL, the American Football League (AFL) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Another state sharing a similar situation is Pennsylvania, which is located across the Delaware River from the state of New Jersey. Lawmakers in the state are examining several avenues, whereby revenue streams for the state could be expanded in the form of legalising gambling including Internet casinos. Looking in the face of a proposed 9% budget increase, politicians are examining the possibility of bringing gambling services under legal sanction for reducing the fiscal strain and related accruals on personal taxes.

A bill introduced by State Rep. Nick Kotik (D-District 45) and supported by House Gaming Oversight Chairman Rep. John Payne (R-District 106) aims at seeking an exemption under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) to facilitate the passing of requisite local laws by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. The happenings on the sports legalisation front in the US have brought to the fore the fact that 2016 would be a key year for initiating gambling laws on the state and federal level.

The popularity generated by Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) in the US has garnered front-page publicity for the industry in the country’s daily tabloids. Adding to the concern are reports that the FBI and the US Department of Justice are investigating the workings of various DFS platforms.

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that the governments at the state and federal level have to examine avenues for filling treasury reserves, which may include legalising of sports betting, however, care needs to be taken that patrons do not cross limits while betting on online platforms and betting does not result in a social problem or addiction.

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