The US Holds a Key to Legalising Sports Betting Across the Globe!

Underregulated sports betting areas are attracting a lot of crime syndicates in an attempt to fix matches and indulge in betting fraud. As a result, the soul of international sports is affected. What’s more is that, they can easily cross over in to the online legal markets and manipulate the games all across the globe.

Due to this, the public’s scepticism increases with each match that’s compromised.

Now, the entire world is looking at the U.S. to join hands and fight against sports betting, along with like-minded countries.

Chris Eaton, global sports security expert who had an association with FIFA and INTERPOL, said that in the Southeast Asian and Eastern part of Europe, people are driving European soccer into a very fragile zone.

And he also strongly believes that the USA now has the key to save international sports from losing its credibility.

How to Legalise?

According to ICSS, about 15% of global sports are only legal and is under the scanner of regulators. The remaining 85% comes from under regulated areas.

It will require powerful entities that will put their heart and soul in restoring the true spirit of game putting their greed aside.

The government and sport leagues must agree to get a cut from their revenue, which will help in preventing legal market and unregulated bookmakers.

On the other side, the gaming companies and gamblers must be willing to have a transparent system, which will protect the essence of the game.

Australian attorney, Jake Williams suggests the first step is to clarify the purpose. The government is keen on getting tax revenue, while leagues are focused on fan engagement and not worry about tax bookmarkers.

Also, casual bettors can access only legal online betting sites. If they can’t find any, then they must look for other liquid markets.

It is said that the US sports betting market is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. The Nevada books hold anything between 4% and 6% of the amount that is wagered.

Sources told ESPN Chalk, that hold percentages at offshore books are comparable.

Although there are discrepancies regarding gaming entities and sports league, everyone is working to address the transparency issue.

For example, the Pac-12 conference happened, which has proposed an amendment to Nevada Gaming Control regulations.

Protecting the Perception of Sports

When sports betting becomes legal in the US, people believe that cynicism of the legitimacy will be more intensified, which is a concern for a lot of sports league.

In the past week, Genclerbirligi a Turkish club goalkeeper did not attempt to save the winning goal, which resulted in loss to Gala. The multiple replays show that he pulled his hand back, which has sparked allegations for match-fixing.

Eaton also said that the European government believes that it can protect itself from betting fraud and match fixing with some kind of legislative bubble, but it has only dampened the situation.

The US needs to avoid a similar problem. Nothing can make everything right with legislatively. It isn’t true and would never work!

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