The Wolf’s Bane – Eerily plain in features but engrossing visual experience

NetEnt’s releases have been a mixed bag of online slot games which offer a brilliant gameplay experience but plain features, and vice-versa. NetEnt’s The Wolf Bane is something of the former, and offers an interesting package for online slot players. But are the impressive visuals enough? Let’s find out!

NetEnt’s The Wolf’s Bane is played across 5 reels and 3 rows. Supported across all major platforms (mobile, tablet and desktop), the playable range of The Wolf’s Bane is 10p to £100 and offers upto 10 paylines. 


NetEnt’s The Wolf’s Bane – Overview

Before jump into a detailed look at The Wolf’s Bane, let’s take a quick look at the game information:

  • Number of reels: 5
  • Paylines: 10
  • Playable range: 10p to £100
  • Jackpot: 500
  • Bonus Round: Upto 2


Visuals and reel symbols

From a visual point of view, NetEnt’s The Wolf’s Bane is downright impressive! The setting is a medieval themed village under threat from a pack of werewolves. The graphics are top notch, and the background music track complements the overall werewolf theme really well.

The reel symbols used in this game are A, K, Q and 9 card symbols, nurses, soldiers, grave diggers and clairvoyants. The soldier symbol offers the highest value, with winnings upto 50 times the stake if the highest winning combination is achieved.The iold symbol is that of a werewolf.


Pick and Click feature

One of the standout features of this online slot game is the Pick and Click feature. This feature is activated if a player has a hunter man symbol displayed across the fist, third and fifth reels. The player can then choose a triggering scatter for a cash bonus, which can lead upto 50 times the initial stake.


Free Spins feature

This feature is activated when 3 or more werewolves or the scatter symbols are displayed across the reels. Depending on the winning combination, the player can win upto 30 free spins. Once the feature is activated, a Wild Selected wheel appears, from which any type of wild will be randomly chosen and activated, resulting in a possibility of huge wins. 

The different types of wild symbols employed in NetEnt’s The Wolf’s Bane are – Regular, Expanding, Spreading and 2x multipliers. 


Video walkthrough


Now let’s take a look at NetEnt’s The Wolf’s Bane in action. At 01:14, we see the Pick and Click feature at play here. We see the player selecting the the first Bonus symbol at reel number 1. From the resulting winning combinations, we see the player accumulating wins. At 06:13, we can see four full moons displayed across the reels, activating the Free Spins feature in the game. At 07:02, we see the accumulation of the Free Spins feature, displaying a big win achieved by the player. We see the same big win achieved at 07:56 as well, and at 09:52, we can see the grand total won by the player for this Free Spins session.


Closing thoughts

Visually, The Wolf’s Bane is one of the best releases by NetEnt and it looks gorgeous. But in terms of payout and features, this online slot game is quite bare, offering a medium variance. The Free Spins feature is fun, offering upto 1000 times the initial stake, and this feature (along with the impressive visuals) could entice players and make this online slot game a hit.


So what did you think about NetEnt’s The Wolf’s Bane? Leave us your comments below.

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