This British Bloke Could Only Make it to the Semi-Finals of Wimbledon 2015! Read All About it Here!

Andy Murray, the very popular tennis player, left everybody stunned with his outstanding performance in Wimbledon.

His victory presented British fans their first homegrown winner. After the great Fred Perry in 1936, Andy is another player to bring triumph to the nation.

Right after he won Wimbledon, he planned to get his lower back surgery.

The player has now returned to play the Australian Open, but the question arises whether Wily Scot will be able to kick off his 2014 season or not.

At present, the sources reveal that the Australian Open has a hard playing surface that augments the chances of Murray to win.

No doubt, the pace of the hard surface is very suitable to Murray and he finds it comfortable to play on it.

It is a fact that Australian Open’s court is best suited for faster men and yes, Andy is fast!

Some players usually weaken due to their touch, but flat-footed Andy enjoys an advantage here, as he has a spring in his step.

He is talented enough to return balls that are usually believed to be non-returnable by several players. His gaming strategies and styles are strong enough to give other players tough competition.

Andy’s Impressive Performance

Andy Murray’s performance at the Grand Slam has been amazing so far, and worth applauding. Recently, he has won and finished a runner-up at the US Open.

Further, he has also been a runner up thrice in the Australian Open.

While talking about Masters 1000 tournaments, Andy has managed to reach 12 hard court finals and has won nine of them.

There is no doubt that he is no less than Novak Djokovic when it comes to being the best player at present.

However, it is still a doubt whether Andy will be able to return from the injury before Brisbane International.

The lack of competitive game time (only two weeks before Australian Open) may hinder the player’s chances of prevailing.

Tennis is a game in which a players needs to find a natural rhythm for which, it is essential to play continuously.

Thus, he has only two weeks to search a rhythm that will support him in winning games.

While looking at the performance of Rafael Nadal’s Wimbledon campaign in 2013, it is clear to note the inevitability of consistency in playing tennis.

The Bottom Line

For Andy Murray, the biggest hindrances that are to be faced in Wimbledon 2015 include the finest players like Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

The return of Nadal from injury is nothing short of miraculous. Andy Murray struggles greatly against Nadal and the rampant Spaniard.

As far as Novak Djokovic is concerned, he will always remain as mercurial as ever and may beat Murray very conveniently.

The stadium is all set with the tennis fans and the players are all ready to start the new tennis season. It will be a delight to watch Andy Murray’s performance and tough competition by other veteran players.

Get ready to experience the most exciting tennis match later in this year!

Update: Andy Murray could only make it to the semi-finals of Wimbledon 2015. Playing against the seven-time champion, Roger Federer, Murray felt slightly short and lost to Federer. This meant that Federer played his 10th Wimbledon finals.

Novak Djokovic won his third Wimbledon title on Sunday, 12 July 2015.

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