This is One of the Most Ancient and Popular Sports that has a Huge Fan Following Even Today! Have You Wagered on It Yet?

Horse racing, which is billed as one of the most ancient and popular sport in many parts of the world, has now traversed a checkered path to remain as a premier sport, even today.

Horse racing is enjoying huge patronage of the people, both in the developed and developing nations.

In fact, royals, the world over were instrumental in the growth of the sport, which now has seen the influx of commoners to it.

With very high stakes to play for, the principal protagonist in the show-the horses and the jockeys are given due credit and are placed in an exalted platform.

The Royal Ascot Stage

One of the turfs, which are keenly followed for horse racing, is the Royal Ascot, UK.

Some of the important events in the horse racing calendar belong to this turf. It needs no prizes for guessing the origins of patronage provided for horse racing at Royal Ascot, as the British royalty is behind the events organised here, for centuries.

Interestingly, predictions of the experts on the winners have been very precise on the first two days of this year’s Royal Ascot races.

This has aroused increased interest among fans to read the prediction of experts like Don Mc Clean on the subsequent races.

The Odds are Out

As the horse racing season at Royal Ascot is unfolding in all its majesty, book makers are listing out the various odds, to help the racers in coming to a conclusion regarding their bets.

Sports betting sites are in the forefront of propagating the odds to enable racers to place the bets from their sites.

Bonuses are also offered to racers for betting from the site. These bonuses play a dual effect of increasing the chances of racers in winning the bets, and also act as a buffer in times of losses.

Useful Info About Horse Racing

Commentators also list out details of the previous races as well as info on the participating horses to empower the racers by the click of the mouse.

Since racers place high quotient on the pedigree of animals participating in the race, commentators give a detailed history about the performance of horses in the venue as well as the performance of the animal during the season.

This info includes the rankings of horses in the season and their respective odds.

The Role of Trainers and Jockeys

The importance of trainers is never lost sight of in horse racing. Commentators, analysts and sport betting sites make it a point to mention the name of the trainers, while discussing the prospects of a race.

Interestingly, this season, the horses, which are making it to the podium, are trained by Irish trainers.

Some Horses that are Enjoying the Spotlight in this Prestigious Event

Pleascach, Kingfisher, Bocca Baciata , Free Eagle and Forgotten Rules are some of the horses, which are basking in the limelight this season with their memorable performances at different venues.

However, the surprise packages cannot be ruled out over the next few days on the turf, to make the races more interesting!

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