For amateur bettors, the idea of placing bets on an event that is slated for more than six months later may be both amusing and perplexing.

But that is how the die-hard bettors have been going about their passion. So, don’t be surprised to see online betting sites opening their betting odds for winners of Super Bowl 50, which will begin on 7 February 2016.

So, Why Now?

Aaron Kessler, an official of a leading sportsbook, Golden Nugget, explains the reason for opening the odds for Super Bowl 50 at an early stage. He says this is an option provided for NFL fans to bet on games, other than the ongoing ones.

Yet another option offered to punters is predicting the two teams who ultimately clash for the Super Bowl in the finals.

Termed as the Quinella option in betting parlance, the bet here is on the top two contenders without having to rank them.

Biggest advantage of punting well in advance is that bettors have a chance of winning handsomely, by placing smaller bets.

And, above all, football being a game that is played in every nook and corner of the world, punters are simply used to betting on the game throughout the year, without letting up for even a day!

The Top Contenders

At a time when just the preliminary matches are underway, two teams experts pick that will do well and go all the way to the Super Bowl are Seattle Seahawks and Indianapolis Colts.

Having already starred in the previous two Super Bowls, if Seattle Seahawks makes it to the finals, then it would be their third straight Super Bowl appearance.

And Colts could be their third challenger in as many years.

Prevailing odds at Nugget sportsbook is 10:1 for the two teams Seattle and Colts.

However, if a punter wishes to be more adventurous, then he has the option of placing his bets on Tampa Bay Bucs and Tennessee Titans, where the odds are 1000:1.

Changes in Fortune

Incidentally, the odds have changed over the last few months in favour of Indianapolis Colts, who have surged ahead of New England Patriots.

Though New England Patriots are the defending champion of AFC as well as the holders of Super Bowl, their fortunes are on the wane currently.

The combination of events including the suspension of New England Patriots’ star player, Tom Brady and release of senior players from the team seems to have deflated the confidence of punters on the team.

Bookies have pegged the odds of New England Patriots taking the Super Bowl at 17:2.

Odds of Indianapolis Colts are better placed at 8:1 to win the title!

Rock Solid at the Top

While it is common for bookies to change the odds from time to time based on the latest developments, there’s one team that has remained at the top right from March!

Seattle Seahawks is the team, which is royally placed at the top with the best odds among all teams.

Odds in favour of Seattle Seahawks are 6:1. Other teams, which have grabbed the tag of popularity, include Green Bay Packers and Oakland Riders!

So, start placing your bets too! You never know you could emerge a winner with the winner of the Super Bowl 50 as well!

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