This Swedish Sports Betting Company to Provide Sports Betting Options to Play City Casinos!

The Swedish sports betting company, Kambi, is making forays in to the Mexican market, by roping in Play City casinos as partners.

Signing of the pact by two leaders in their fields is bound not only to benefit them, but will also benefit the fans who wish to place their bets on sporting events in different disciplines conducted across the world.

Similar Stature and Philosophy

Coming together of two like-minded business groups with services, which are complementing each other, is sure to succeed in their mission in a big way.

Play City casinos are a part of Grupo Televisa who is a leading media conglomerate with business interests in broadcasting.

Their broadcast ventures include television channels in South American countries and providing direct-to-home satellite television services.

As a part of their diversification plans, the group has ventured into online betting casinos and also lottery schemes.

Now as a logical extension of their business activity, Grupo Televisa has roped in Kambi to introduce sports betting in their casinos.

Sports Betting at Kambi

Kambi, has won the trust of the sports fan who wish to bet on sporting events for over many years.

Products offered at Kambi include pre-match bets, live betting and pool betting in all major sporting categories.

Kambi solutions have been flawless and offer bettors perfect experience in sports betting, with internally designed software.

Since the software is developed in-house, bettors are assured of safe gambling environ when they wager their money on various sporting events at Kambi.

Mutually Benefitting Association

As Kambi and Televisa were eyeing for expansion by entering new markets, it is not surprising to find both the big players in their respective fields forging an alliance to take their business empires forward.

From the press release of the companies, on the eve of the signing of agreement to commence sports betting in the Mexican region, representatives of both the companies have waxed eloquent about their new partner, as they look forward to a prosperous association.

Initial Launch

To start with, Kambi has decided to launch fixed odds sports betting stations from two of Play City casinos.

The long term plans envisaged by the two companies include plans to introduce sports betting in other channels of Televisa Group to register their presence in the South American market emphatically.

Since sports betting is increasingly becoming popular as a hobby and profession, outlook for both the companies in their expansion drive seems pretty exciting.

From the Point of View of Players

The partnership between two heavy weights from two different continents has already upped the ante for the eager fans of sports betting.

The sports loving populace of Central and South America soon could showcase their expertise in the leading sports and games by placing bets in different categories.

In addition to the long list of existing faithful players at Play City casinos, new players who owe their allegiance singularly to sports betting are bound to sign up at the casino, now, to increase the client profile as well as the numbers.

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