This Women’s Team is Well Prepared for a Tough FIFA World Cup 2015 Campaign! Are You Supporting Them?

With the women’s football World Cup currently underway in Canada, the English team looks well prepared to face many challenges.

Mark Sampson and his charges have to overcome Columbia in order to have an easy way to the knockout stages from Group F.

This group also includes France and Mexico, and Columbia’s draw with Mexico and win over France make them a very tough opponent indeed for the England team.

England needs only a point to get through, but a win gives them three points.

The English team has been working really hard to put up a good performance this World Cup.

However, the fact that women’s football is still in its nascent stage means that it is very difficult to find enough television coverage of the teams and players in question and this makes preparation very tough.

Since this calls for extra measures, the chief opposition analyst of the English team, David Gough has been travelling to different places to secure footage of the Columbian team playing.

This has been done so that the England women’s team can have a better idea of what to expect against this relatively unknown side.

Even though the footage has been taken on a camera phone, it’s better than nothing, and it has been of great use to the English side in their World Cup preparations.

As a matter of fact, a win against Columbia is very important for the English team because of the excellent performances put up by the Columbians so far.

Besides, Los Cafeteros are on a high right now, having overcome favourites France and their energy levels are very hard to beat.

England will have to create many opportunities to score against the Columbians, who are known for their excellent deep defences.

The team also puts on very potent counterattacks.

While the Columbians do not put on a very structured performance, they definitely can hinder England’s progression to the final 16.

However, England has to not only beat Columbia, but also preferably finish at the top of the group. Only then will they be able to stay in Montreal until the final, if they reach that far.

Placing second in the group will make them move to Ottawa and finishing further down will mean a move to Edmonton or even Vancouver.

While the team will have to go about its business in any case, the support staff will have a lot of work to do to ensure they move easily and quickly.

England has beaten Mexico so far, but they have been beaten by France.

There has been no shortage of criticism from all quarters on account of the defensive game they played against France, but the team seems to have taken that in their stride.

They have faced a bit of trouble on account of the artificial pitches that cause their feet to overheat, but they have remedies for that as well.

The England women definitely need to bring on their best game since the tournament is going into a very tough phase and they will have to overcome highly experienced teams.

Look out for more updates as the FIFA World Cup 2015 progresses into the finals!

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