Tiki Island Slot

We really have been impressed by some of the more recent slot game releases from Gamesys, and if you have not yet come across their range of instant play slot games you have been missing out on a lot of fun and a lot of winning opportunities too.

They have designed and supplied dozens of very unique slot games to many sites over the last few years, but one of our own personal favourites is the Tiki Island slot which is a fully configurable slot offering plenty of unique and built in features that many slot players out there will also like.

You are going to have 20 pay lines that you can send into live play whenever you give this slot a whirl and with coin values that you can also adjust you will find it either a low, medium or even high stake slot game to play online.

The staking options allow you to choose a tiny coin value which can be as low as just 0.01 or you can set the coin values as high as 5.00, choosing the former when playing max payline spins will cost you a very modest 0.20 per spin or when choosing the latter coin values a high rolling stake of 100.00 per spin will be required!

There are bonus games that can be triggered and a huge 10,000 coins are up for grabs via the base game as the jackpot payout. However, as a slot player you will probably be very interested to learn the payout percentage that any slot game has been set to, for the higher the RTP of any slot game the more winning payouts you will receive from your staked amounts over your long term play.

With that in mind we are happy to let you know the Tiki Island slot games payout percentage is an expected 96.29%, and being a Gamesys slot it has of course been tested and certified by a third party company and has been found to be completely random and fair too.

Please spend a few more minutes reading through the following sections of this review of the Tiki Island slot game to find out how its bonus games work and operate along with how you are going to trigger its bonus games. Plus, at the bottom of this review we will give you our own personal and unbiased opinion and feedback on this slot too.

Pick to Win Bonus Games

Why play a slot which offers you just one single bonus game when you can make the much smarter decision of playing a slot on which you will have two different bonus games on offer, as you are much more likely to trigger one of those bonus games more regularly when playing such a slot.

You are going to find there are two picking games waiting to be triggered on the Tiki Island slot game and as such read on for details of how those bonus games play and pay as each of them are slightly different to the other one!

Puffa Fish Picking Game – To trigger this particular bonus game all that you will need to do is to line up a set of matching Puffer Fish bonus symbols from left to right on the screen. However, do be aware that they are bonus symbols and not scatter symbols so they must always line up on an activated payline before the bonus picking game is awarded to you!

That bonus game is a multi stage one, and you are tasked with having to pick off just one of the fish displayed on the bonus game screen with coins hidden inside it, if you do you then make it through to the next stage, however if you select and empty fish containing no coin or cash values the bonus game will end awarding you with what you had so far accumulated at that moment in time.

Coconut Picking Game – This bonus game is triggered in much the same way as the one above and as such you are faced with lining up a different set of three bonus symbols on an activated payline only before it will be triggered and awarded to you.

The Coconut Picking game is a single round game and as such you have to select the Coconut off the screen, of which there will be several displayed that you hope has the highest valued winning payout hidden inside it.

Be aware though that all of them do have a cash payout hidden inside them, so at the very least when you trigger this particular bonus game, unlike the one above, you are going to win something when playing it off.

Our Opinion

Whilst we do much prefer playing video slots on which you can trigger set of free spins we certainly would not put you off playing the Tiki Island slot game for there is, as you have just found out plenty of unique aspects to playing it that does make is a fairly exciting and a potentially high paying slot.

The first bonus game however could be one on which you win nothing if on your very first pick you select an empty Puffer Fish, so just be prepared when that bonus game has been triggered and awarded to you then it may result in you winning nothing what so ever!

However, there is no getting away form the fact this slot can and quite regularly does award some very large amounts of cash to lucky players, and it will only take you lining up the first logo symbols on an activated payline for you to then walk off with a 10,000 coin jackpot.

With that in mind if you do find yourself playing at any online casino site offering players the range of Gamesys designed slot games then do consider giving this slot a try, even when playing on the very lowest stake levels you do get a reasonable chance of winning or even winning big!

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