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Tombola is the biggest bingo site of Britain. The site is ornamentally designed and facilitates users with plenty of interesting options to play bingo and earn cash. The website is full of interesting schemes, which are bound to attract players. One of the commencement schemes of Tombola Bingo is that a user simply needs to deposit 10lb and play with 30lb. There are a variety of bingo games available at Tombola Bingo, which users can play. If you want to earn some cash by playing bingo on your laptop, computer, mobile, smartphone or tablet, just go for Tombola Bingo. The site facilitates users to win up to 5 million lb every week.

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Tombola Bingo presents a unique variety of specs that attract users. These features are exceptional, as compared to other contemporary bingo sites, and this review explores such features.

Exceptional specs of Tombola Bingo

A very striking feature about Tombola Bingo is that unlike most traditional bingo sites, Tombola Bingo uses calm colors. Firstly, the site is decorative but still soothing. It would be a pleasant experience for users to set their eyes on the site. One would be able to find the most preferred bingo games on the site easily without straining his/her eyes. Hence, you can enjoy hours at Tombola. The soothing colors of the site and its user-friendly interface le you spend much time on the site with ease and without getting tired.

Tombola uses its in-house software. This is an exceptional feature integrated with all the other Tombola Bingo features. Most bingo sites install readymade software on their sites. Hence, you might find similarities between the user-interface and structure of one bingo site and the other. However, Tombola makes its mark in this context by using in-house software, which is not confined to standard strategies and seems less of an automated program. Tombola Bingo has its team of developers who work hard on introducing new bingos game and schemes on the site. This offers you a unique experience of playing at Tombola Bingo.

Interesting schemes at Tombola Bingo

Tombola Bingo claims to be largest bingo site of Britain. The site facilitates over 20,000 lb jackpots to be won. Tombola Bingo has also organized over forty chat rooms for smooth interaction between players. Live chat support is also available at the portal. Users can always contact developers, customer support executives via email, phone or live chat. Friendly chat rooms let your have a smooth interaction with fellow users, thus making the portal a combination of social networking and gambling site.

Attractive bingo games at Tombola

Tombola Bingo brings to you nine different types of bingo games, which include The Heist, CINCO, Bingo90, Bingo Roulette, Bingo Lite, Roller Coaster, Bingo 75, Hamster Race, Bingo 80, Bandit and Battleships. The forum allows different player rooms. It has 2 player rooms, 25 player rooms, 10 player rooms, 50 player rooms, etc. One can win jackpots of up to 20,000 lb. The site also facilitates a variety of promotional schemes. The site is also very user-friendly. It is highly optimized and can be easily accessed on tablet and smartphones.

Exciting promotions at Tombola Bingo

Tombola introduces interesting promotional schemes very week. An iOS and Android Tombola Bingo application has been developed by Tombola developers. A user can download this application on his/her iOS or Android device. This application facilitates users to readily access the Tombola Bingo forum on their smartphones. A user can deposit only 10 lb and play over an amount of 30 lb. The site also introduces some easy but useful promotional schemes.

A user can gain 1lb if he/she likes the official Facebook page of Tombola Bingo. Guaranteed prizes of 200lb (10p rooms), 1,000lb (50p rooms) and 500lb (25p rooms) can be won with Bingo Roulette. Every Saturday a user can win 65lb with every game. One can also win 1,000lb every thirty minutes on Mondays. These promotional schemes are introduced and altered periodically. Users are updated on these and a user can take advantage of these schemes to win more cash. The site introduces new promotional schemes weekly or monthly.

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