Vodafone – A Reliable Company of the Mobile Telecom Industry

Vodafone is one of the top telecommunication companies with more than 439 million people enjoying its services. The headquarter is located in London and ranks at the second position of being the largest mobile telecommunication company. Vodafone not only offers services in the mobile telecommunications but it also pioneers in IT services which are extended to the corporate clients located in 65 different countries. Its network is spread in 30 countries while the partner networks in 40 other countries.

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Thus, you can say that Vodafone has reached millions of people through the extensive network coverage services which are excellent as well as reliable.

The company has taken its name from “voice data fone” which means offering the data as well as voice services to the customers.


The Vodafone Company started in the year 1982 as a part of the Racal Electronics plc. When Racal went into a partnership with Millicom it was renamed to Racal Vodafone. It was in the year 1980 that Racal Electronics took its first step in the radio technology. In the year 1985, the company started the operation as Racal Vodafone and also renamed the Racal Strategic Radio as Racal Telecommunications Group Limited. After acquiring the share of £110 millions, Vodafone became a fully owned company and could function independently. This is how Vodafone came into existence and started offering top notch mobile services to the people.

Its evolution

The development of the Racal Telecom Group to the Vodafone was full of ups and down. From the year 1991, the company has gone through a huge transformation by purchasing the Peoples Phone in the year 1996 at a cost of £77 million. In the year 1997, the CEO of Vodafone Christopher Gent introduced a new logo which consisted of “O” along with open and close quotation marks. In 1999, the company successfully bought Airtouch Communications Inc and renamed it to a Vodafone Airtouch plc. In order to enter the field of Verizon Wireless, the company collaborated with Bell Atlantic Corp. Vodafone also purchased Orange which was a popular mobile network provider and enhanced its services to grab the attention of the customers.

In the year 2001, the company purchased Eircell which was one of the largest wireless communication companies operating in Ireland. The concept of Partner Networks was also introduced by none other than Vodafone. In the present year that is 2013, the company purchased Kabel Deutschland which was one of the reputed cable companies of Germany. In October 2013, Vodafone also introduced its 4G services which is a new benchmark for them.

Area of operation

The services of Vodafone are extended to many areas including Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Ghana, South Africa, Libya, Asia – Pacific, UAE, Europe and many more. By offering top notch services, Vodafone has become the first preference of the people and that is why it is a popular mobile network provider. Some of the new services introduced by them are Mobile money transfer facility, mHealth services and many more.

In short, Vodafone is definitely a big name in the mobile telecommunication industry.

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