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Books are considered to be one of the best friends of mankind. They are by your side through thick and thin and make you a better person with each passing day. Books are not just required to add to your knowledge; they also make us an improved version of ourselves and give us a better perspective of the world.

In today’s fast paced times, finding some space to read and enjoy the serenity of a book seems like a rare luxury. At Waterstones, the endeavour is to gift precious time and knowledge to family, friends and acquaintances and make them remember you with a smile!

Gifting Books

Books are one of the most precious and ideal gifts for all occasions. You can gift books to your near and dear ones, as well as colleagues and acquaintances. You need not know the person well to gift a good book. There are so many options available that you can always find one based on your relationship.

Corporate gifting has also become a fad in the recent times and books make one of the best office gifts. If your spouse loves to read, books can also be extremely romantic and sweet gifts. If you can get a special signed edition of your spouses’ favourite book, you are surely a great spouse!

At Waterstones, you can find a range of books online and choose your favourite ones without any hassles. The collections include classics, modern, fiction, non-fiction, children’s, food and drinks, science fiction, and fantasy books. There is something for everyone!

Buying Books at Discounted Prices

A bookworm would know the amount of expenditure involved in buying so many books. If you are a keen reader and love to have a collection of the bestsellers, you will have a lot of expense during your lifetime.

In order to save some money and give your reading skills more food for thought, you can buy books at discounted prices on Waterstones. The website has many interesting offers to choose from and brings you the best books at affordable prices.


For book lovers, online vouchers are surely a boon. You can select vouchers and redeem them on Waterstones to get additional discounts on your shopping. All you need to do is enter the code on your voucher at checkout and your shopping will suit your budgets!

So why wait? Go ahead; indulge in some thoughtful reading with books from Waterstones!

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