Winstones Slot

The Winstones are a loveable family who wandered the earth during the Stone Age and they have been brought back to life on this all singing all dancing five reel video slot from Gamesys!

Now when you are seeking out a range of slot games to play you will of course be looking for slots that offer a high payout percentage, plenty of different staking options and slots that can award you with some form of unique bonus game, and as such we are pleased to announce this slot will offer you all of that.

Being an instant play slot game you are going to be able to play it online at any casino or even bingo site that has it on offer via any web browser. The game does offer players a fully rounded gaming experience and with that in mind take a look below for details of how the game has been designed and what you may be lucky enough to win when playing it.

Play Your Way

You are always going to be getting the best fun and excitement when playing a fully configurable slot for by doing so you are freely able to alter and adjust the stake levels at which you play such slots online.

The Winstones slot offers players a large range of different coin value settings, which can be as low as just 0.01, however you can of course increase the coin values up to a maximum of 2.00 and with 25 pay lines on offer that does ensure both low and high rolling players alike will have no problems setting this slot to play for their chosen stake amount!

There are a huge number of reel symbols in play on all five video reels of the Winstones slot game and the pay table is where you will find full details of how much you can win depending on which set of matching reel symbol you do spin in onto any activated payline.

With a 2000 coins jackpot up for grabs when playing one coin per pay line for spinning in five Wild symbols on any put into play payline you could win big from the base game. The long term expected RTP of the Winstones slot is 95.65% so when giving it a fair amount of play time you will be getting a large chunk of your stakes back as winning payouts!

However, keep in mind this slot does come with a special and very unique type of bonus game and it is during the bonus game when you have something of a much increased chance of winning much more than the 2000 coins the base game has to offer.

There are scatter symbols in play on all five reels which when you get enough of them spinning into view will trigger that bonus game, and the scatter symbols for reference are the only reel symbols the wild symbols will not stand in for!

Win Free Spins with High Multipliers

If you are a fan of playing slot games that can award you with some very high multiplier values during a free spins bonus game and a slot that can also award you with lots of free spins each time the bonus game is triggered then there is not a doubt in our minds that you are going to love playing the Winstones slot.

For each time you manage to trigger its unique type of bonus game you could then end up playing off 5 free spins, 10 free spins, 15 free spins or even 20 free spins on which some high multipliers could be attached.

However, the way in which you trigger the bonus game on the Winstones slot game is by you first having spun into view at the very least three of the bonus scatter symbols. Once you have spun in three or more of those symbols then the fun and games will start!

You are faced with having to spin a bonus wheel which will be loaded up on the slot game screen as soon as you have spun into view at least three scatter symbols, and then you next have to clicked onto the onscreen Spin button to send that bonus wheel spinning.

There are thirteen different segments on that bonus wheel and any of them could be spun in facing the win arrow, and the one you do get spinning in will then see you being awarded with the free spins and the respective multiplier displayed on that segment of the wheel.

You will find that just one segment of that bonus wheel contain 15 free spins on x3 multipliers, another one contains 20 free spins on x3 multipliers and one also contain 20 free spins on x5 multipliers.

The other segments are divided up in such a way that five of them have just 5 free spins on x2 multipliers displayed on them and five contain 10 free spins with x3 multipliers. Once you have sent the wheel spinning in the segment facing the win arrow is the winning segment and as such you will be awarded with the number of free spins and the respective multiplier displayed in that segment of the wheel.

You will also have the chance of winning the same number of free spins on the same multiplier values again once during any free spins another set of three or more scatter symbols have been spun into view. For reference the same number of pay lines and the coin values and number of coins you have in play on the base game spin will be the ones in play during the free spins round.

If you are lucky enough to be awarded with the maximum number of free spins on x5 multipliers that does of course mean the jackpot paying winning combination if spun in during the free spins round will award you with no 2000 coins but 10000 coins, so some huge valued payouts are possible during that free spins round!


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