Would You’ve Ever Guessed that This is the Lifeline of the Sports Betting Industry? Curious? Read On for More…

In the words of David Schwartz, director of the UNLV Centre for Gaming Research, gambling is one such social activity that has always changed to remain at par with the technology.

He mentions that people today do what they feel like doing and what they wish to do. The majority wants to gamble on sports and win huge money.

While talking about the illegal sports betting in the US, the estimates have reached close to $380 billion in comparison to Nevada that lies at $3.9 billion.

Nevada is a state where sports betting is completely legal and is a great craze among people.

About Legal Sports Betting

However, legal sports betting has come into the picture and is on great rise.

With the help of smart phone apps and internet, it has become very convenient to place bets on different sports through casinos and various sportsbooks.

According to Joe Asher, CEO of William Hill US, the American affiliate of the United Kingdom’s largest bookmaker says that technology is the biggest factor.

The moment, you type sports betting on major search engines; you will come across a number of options through which you can bet quickly.

According to an analysis, out of the first eight results of Google, seven links lead to the top sports betting websites.

In his book, Cutting the Wire: Gaming Prohibition and the Internet, Schwartz has mentioned that the person who can use the mouse can place the wager easily.

The same thing is applicable for smart phones also. With the help of different applications, legal betting has become much more convenient in Europe.

Further, the casinos in Nevada possess their private apps that can be used anywhere in the state. The president and CEO of CG Technology, Lee Amaitis, has added saying that the account based wagering has substituted the cash at the window model.

His company is the global technology solutions provider for sports, gaming and lottery wagering.

Plans of Asher and Bessire

It was also seen that Joe Asher’s company declared its new proposal.

According to the plan, customers with the William Hill app will be permitted to deposit cash into their betting accounts that are at Nevada 7-Eleven stores.

Further, retailers can do the same with the help of PayNearMe cash payments system.

In addition, Paul Bessire mentions that out of all those who wager online illegally, very few are prosecuted. He says that the safety of legal betting has the tendency to cause the internet market to ‘explode’.

On the other hand, Amaitis mentions that technology is going to play a pivotal role in regulating lawful sports betting.

According to him, technology supports in monitoring accountability and makes it easier for the company to keep a complete track of the players across the world.

The company acquires the details of the players at the time when they sign up for an account and fill their details.

It is quite clear that technology has given the gambling industry a new direction and is sure to add stars to it in the near future!

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