Yohan Cabaye comes on board Crystal Palace for £12.5 Million, Betting Suspended!

It is that part of the year again when bidding for players is in full swing. Price is not the criteria for tracking and hiring the best talent available in the market.

The Clubs, too, are not leaving any ground for upping their bids in getting the best players on their side. It is always the quest for the best and cost is not the concern at all.

In one such instance of a player signed for his superior playing abilities, Paris Saint-Germain mid-fielder, Yohan Cabaye was hired by Crystal Palace.

The Deal

Crystal Palace is heard to have agreed to a deal with PSG to pay the latter £10million upfront for signing the 29 year-old midfielder.

Palace will additionally pay £2.5million in further tranches over a period of time.

The player has agreed to play for Crystal Palace on a contract of four years following an assurance that he will not be the only major football star signed by the Eagles for the summer season.

He will reportedly receive a fee of £100,000 per week!

He was apparently also tracked by West Ham, Roma and Atletico Madrid as a potential signee, but he has decided to shift to Selhurst Park and play for Palace.

In the two seasons he spent in France, Cabaye has played in 21 Ligue 1 games.

He had stated that he was keen to end his innings with PSG and shift to the Premier League. He reiterated that he was looking forward to increase his chances for playing at Euro 2016.

Suspension of Betting on Cabaye

Betting has been suspended on Cabaye by prominent online betting site Sky Bet after a bout of heavy betting on Wednesday.

In the current transfer window, the odds of Cabaye signing for Crystal Palace were 12/1 in April.

However, there has been a large decline in the odds.

Since June, odds were highly in favour of Cabaye joining Alan Pardew. However, after the placing of a number of heavy bets, betting for the midfielder has been suspended.

Heavy odds were in favour of Cabaye as close as 1/10 on Wednesday morning for shifting to Crystal Palace, which made Sky Bet suspend betting.

He has been the subject of heavy media speculation that he would be making a permanent switch to the Eagles. The deal was reportedly in the range of £10m.

Yohan Cabaye stated that his decision to join the south London club was based on a strong desire to form a committed team. He also foresaw the team among the top 8 in the Premier League.

He stated that as part of the club, his chances of winning a domestic cup were augmented. He reiterated that as part of the club he was raring to go all out and make the most of the current soccer season, cementing his reputation as a seasoned player in the process.

In a related development, Crystal Palace has also evinced interest in signing Charlie Austin, the QPR striker and James Chester, the Hull City defender.

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